Corporate Disputes

TooniemeetingUnfortunately, relationships between the individuals involved in corporations can become strained, even where the parties have the best of intentions.  Whether it's decision making conflict, an issue of dividing the proceeds of a company when times are good, or an issue of deciding who is at fault when times go bad, disputes can frequently arise within corporations.

 At Wiffen Litigation, we have experience dealing with shareholder disputes, directors and officers liability, oppression remedies and winding up applications for closely held corporations.  Our experience covers both for-profit corporations and charitable and not-for-profit corporations.




Selected Reported Cases

Miller v. Gower, 2006 CanLII 42689 - Oppression action between shareholders in a closely held corporation

Deol v. Grewal, 2008 CanLII 44699 - Corporate dispute over control of a not-for-profit corporation

Pandher v. Ontario Khalsa Darbar, 2010 ONCA 273 - Dispute regarding liability of directors for costs award in dispute over control of a not-for-profit corporation