Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about how Wiffen Litigation can assist you that are not addressed here, or elsewhere on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of fixed fees?

We are pleased to discuss the option of fixed fees for each stage of litigation.  Fixed fees, as opposed to billing you on an hourly basis, allow you to have some certainty about how much you will have to spend on your case.  It also allows us to focus on giving you the best and most efficient representation possible, without having to constantly watch the clock.  If you would like to retain us on a fixed fee basis, please let us know.

Do you accept cases on a contingency basis?

No, we do not accept contingency matters (retainers where our payment is based on a percentage of the proceeds of the case).  We are, however, able to discuss other alternate fee arrangements, so please contact us to discuss whether we can meet your needs.

Do you accept criminal, family law or personal injury cases?

We restrict our practice to those areas where we have the experience necessary to provide you with the most effective representation.  This includes construction litigation, securities litigation (such as shareholder disputes and corporate governance disputes) and commercial litigation (such as contractual disputes, claims for economic injury, and debt collection matters).As a result, we do not typically practice in areas such as criminal law, family law or personal injury litigation.

Do you accept pro bono cases?

We are proud of our experience acting in pro bono matters, through our involvement with Pro Bono Law Ontario, which is a charitable organization in Ontario that provides pro bono assistance to needy litigants. We do not, however, accept pro bono matters other than through Pro Bono Law Ontario.

What happens to my documents once my case is over?

Unless we agree to another arrangement, once your case is over we will return all of your documents to you.  We will typically retain only those documents that we prepared, although we may, in certain cases, retain other documents.